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... a well-established, profitable development company that focuses primarily on the residential market in London and the South-East. After more than two decades in property, the company has considerable experience in new build, refurbishment, conversion and site assembly projects. Check our Gallery.

YDP tries to select projects which are both intrinsically interesting and financially rewarding. Sticking to this philosophy has paid great dividends so far. That said, the directors know that the key to successful property development is in knowing which deals to turn down, thereby avoiding the 'vanity project' trap.

The company has grown steadily since formation and the projects it has taken on have increased in size and complexity as the company's capital base and experience have grown.

Going forward, YDP plans to continue this trend and will be increasing the size and number of projects it undertakes in the future. The capital for this expansion will be raised through equity and mezzanine finance, which together increase YDP's ability to leverage senior debt through its established connections with a number of banks.

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through the yellow door.

yellow door's first project

YDP's first development, a 4-flat conversion in 1993.

'Yellow Door Property' owes its name to the first property development it undertook - the conversion into flats of a beautiful Victorian house. The front door was finished in vibrant yellow and the directors were so pleased with the result that they decided to name the company after it!